The Writers Award Program

The Writers Award Program was created to encourage the writing of articles for The Reflector and the development of writing skills by CNYAS members. It also exists to acknowledge the contributions of CNYAS members to the hobby through their writing and artistic efforts. This encourages a spirit of competition for the annual “Scaly Eraser Award”, and increases information about the tropical fish hobby to CNYAS members.


Writers Award Program Rules

Participation is open to all CNYAS members. Articles by non members will not qualify retroactively upon joining CNYAS. Articles required by CNYAS offers and committee chairs are not eligible.

1. Points will be awarded based on the following schedule for articles first published in The Reflector, from May of one year through April of the following year.
2. All point awards are at the sole discretion of the committee.
3. Articles and/or artwork not published within the time frame, for any reason, will be included in the year’s competition in which they occur.
4. Co-authored articles will have the points split evenly.
5. If any member should not renew his/her membership, accumulated points will be kept on an inactive list until such time as membership is renewed.


10 – Required BAP or HAP articles.
10 – Short articles (less than 50 words) such as Tips, etc.
20 – Not required articles on any hobby-related subject, including letters to the editor, of more than 50 words.
20 – Original hand-drawn artwork of fish or plants.
10 – Other original drawings or cartoons, hand-drawn, or computer assisted.


For reprinted items appearing in publications that the Exchange Editor does not receive, it will be the responsibility of the author to provide proof to the committee by May 1 of the contest year.

20 – A continuing column of six or more editions within the time frame of the contest. Awarded upon publication of the sixth (6th) edition.
10 – Articles reprinted in another club’s publication (each reprinting).
6 – Articles reviewed in another club’s “Exchanges Column”, each review.
10 – Any artwork reprinted in another club’s publication (each reprinting).
10 – Articles mentioned or reviewed in a “for profit” hobby publications.
30 – Articles reprinted (with permission of the author) in a “for profit” hobby publication. These may be edited by the publication or the author but must be substantially the same. These points will be awarded only if the CNYAS and The Reflector are credited.
5 – Original photo submitted with an article.

Articles receiving awards in hobby publication award programs will be awarded bonus points based on the following schedule.

50 – Article/Author of the Year
40 – First in category
30 – Second in category
20 – Third in category
10 – Fourth in category or honorable mention.

The Writer’s Award Program Committee shall consist of a chairperson and up to two (2) members. The Exchange Editor must be a member of the committee and may be the chairperson. The duties of the committee are to maintain records of the points earned by all participants, and to provide a report each month of the current standings, to The Reflector Editor, by the editor’s deadline date. These standings will also be updated each month on the WAP Leader Board.


The Scaly Eraser Award will be given to the CNYAS member who accumulates the highest number of points, as described in the points accumulation rules, for original articles and/or artwork published in The Reflector from May of one year through April of the next. Points for this award will include bonus points earned for previously published articles earned during the same time frame. This award shall be a plaque.
Accumulated Points Awards shall consist of a plaque with the CNYAS Logo and four plates for inscribed levels achieved.

Awards Classes 
Writer’s Award:
Participants must accumulate 50 points, at least 30 of which are from the basic point rules.

Author’s Award:
Participants must achieve the Writer’s Award level and accumulate 100 points, at least 60 of which are from the basic point rules.

Wordsmith Award:
Participants must achieve the Author’s Award and accumulate 200 points, at least 120 of which are from the basic point rules.

Pen & Quill Award:

Participants must achieve the Wordsmith Award and accumulate 400 points, at least 240 of which are from the basic point rules. To complete the requirements needed to earn this level, ONE of the following conditions must be met AFTER 400 points have been achieved.
1. Participants must have at least (2) articles reprinted in another club’s publication.
2. Participants must have (1) article reprinted in another club’s publication and 2 articles printed in the REFLECTOR.
3. Participants must have (4) articles printed in the REFLECTOR. These must be articles, not committee reports, pictures, etc.

Professional Award
This separate award requires that the participant achieves at least the Wordsmith Award Level and have a previously unpublished article published in a national or international, for profit publication. It shall consist of a plate that hangs from the bottom of the basic awards plaque.