Monthly Bowl Show

Bowl Show Rules


The primary purpose of the bowl show is educational. It enables members to see and examine different species of fish, it familiarizes members as to judging procedures and it encourages the showing and keeping of fish.

  1. The Bowl Show Chairman shall have complete charge of all entries. Any unusual requirements or exceptions or questions about these rules must be discussed with the chairperson. The decision of the chairperson is FINAL.
  2. All entries shall be in containers having at least 2 flat sides with an unlighted cover (a clear plastic or glass cover is desirable). The use of airstones will not be permitted.
  3.  All containers must be devoid of contents, except for water and fish. With the exception of foils, a solid-colored background will be allowed.
  4. There will be two classes; the Fish of the Month class, and an Open class.
  5. If you have a family membership you may accumulate points in one of the following ways: all points are placed under the family name OR points are kept separately for each family member. This determination must be made at the first bowl show of the year.
  6. Only members in good standing may enter fish.
  7. The exhibitor must be present to enter fish in the show.
  8. Dealers may enter “for display only” under the shop’s name.
  9. There will be 3 judges selected for each month by the chairperson. Judges cannot be related Bowl Show participants. The judges will rank the fish by class (i.e. 1 – the best, 2 – 2nd best, etc.).
  10. A member may enter the same fish or pair of fish as many times as desired, provided that the fish do not win a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place award. In such cases, the exhibitor may not enter the same fish again until Super Bowl.
  11. A member may enter a maximum of 3 fish in Fish of the Month class and Open class for a total of 6 fish each month.
  12. Ribbons will be presented only to the top 3 qualifying scores. No ribbon will be awarded to a sole entry in a class, but fish will receive its first place points.
  13. A small label must be attached to each entry giving the scientific name. The common name is desirable but optional.
  14. Entry fees are: 25 cents for junior members; 50 cents for adults.
  15. Entries must in the possession of the owner for one month prior to the show.
  16. Entries must be brought in for display by the start of the meeting (7:00 p.m.); no entries will be accepted after that time.
  17. The decision to award all ribbons for a specific class will be left to the sole discretion of the judges and the chairperson.
  18. In the event that a bowl show consists of more than one class, a fish can be entered in only one of the available classes.
  19. The decision of the judges is FINAL. No diseased, malformed or mutilated fish will be judged. Two of the judges must agree to disqualify a fish.
  20. Point awards:

First Place – 20 points

Second Place – 15 points

Third Place – 10 points

Participating- 1 point/class

Participating – Any individual showing a fish will be awarded 1 point per fish (maximum 2 points per show). I.E.,       John Smith brings in two fish, one for the open class and one for the goldfish class. He receives 2 points for entering two fish. The goldfish takes second place for 15 points. His total for the show would be 17 points.

  1. If a Super Bowl Show is held, it will consist of entries that have placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd during the year. Top 3 entries receive ribbons. Entrants may bring up to three ribbon-winning fish to the Super Bowl Show.
  1. The top 3 point recipients for the year will receive $25, $15, or $10 gift certificates to a local pet store.