The Breeders Award Program Rules

The Breeders Award Program recognizes outstanding achievement in the breeding of aquarium fish, and encourages their spawning and champions the progression of breeding knowledge and techniques that can be shared among the club and its members. The BAP also encourages members to participate in club activities.

All members are eligible for the Breeder’s Award Program. If any member should not renew his/her membership, his/her points will be kept on the inactive list until they renew their membership again.

General Fish Guidelines

Breeders Award Program RulesThe Breeder’s Award Committee will consist of a Chairman and at least two additional appointed members. The duties of the Committee will consist of witnessing spawnings and fry as outlined below, maintaining an accurate record of the point standings which will also be posted here, reporting these to the club and obtaining and presenting awards. From time to time the Committee may feel that certain changes or modifications in the rules may be necessary. The Committee will adhere to the following procedure if changes are to be made to the current BAP, no changes or modifications will be retroactive.

1. A date for the change or modification is chosen by the Committee.
2. The proposed change, with the effective date, will be published in the club bulletin at least 3 months preceding the effective change.


An aquarist must spawn and raise at least 10 fry to 30 days of age or longer. Verification* must be made by any club member.

An aquarist must spawn and raise at least 10 fry to 30 days of age. Verification* must be made by any member of the COMMITTEE after the fry are 30 days old either at the club meeting or at the aquarist’s home.

An aquarist must spawn and raise at least 10 fry to 30 days of age. Verification* must be made by any member of the COMMITTEE and a summary of these conditions under which the fish spawned may be presented either orally at a meeting or in writing for publication in the club Bulletin at the discretion of the BAP Committee.

Conditions of Class C apply. A summary of the breeding conditions must be presented either orally at a meeting or in written form for publication in the club bulletin. Also a member of the BAP Committee must witness the fry not more than one week after hatching and again when they are 30 days of age.

Conditions of Class D apply.

Note: Class E points are assigned per BAP Fish List; however, after 6/86 a talk or article is necessary to qualify for Grand Master Status.

It is not Necessary to have fish witnessed at exactly 30 days of age, but the fish must be witnessed prior to 60 days of age.

Thirty days old means 30 days after hatching of egglayers, 30 days after the fry are released in mouthbrooding species, and in the case of livebearers, 30 days after birth.

Points are awarded only once for each Species. No additional points will be granted for color varieties. In the case of Killies and other fish with recognized subspecies, at the discretion of the majority of the BAP Committee, an additional 5 points may be awarded.

In the event that a completed BAP form is submitted for points and the genus/species name is unknown, no points will be awarded at that time; however, the sheet will be kept on file and points will be awarded when a positive/correct identification can be made and verified.

Points are cumulative, carry over from year to year and once awarded cannot be rescinded.

The fry must have been spawned by the breeder’s own fish and they must be able to produce the breeding pair upon request.

Following the spawning, it is the breeder’s responsibility to see that their points are recorded.

Any fish not included in the point classification of fishes spawned will be assigned points by the BAP Committee upon request.

In order to have his/her points recorded, the aquarist must submit a signed completed BAP Report Form. For “Class D” and “Class E” spawns, the requirements must be met prior to the awarding of points. There will be sufficient forms available for making duplicates. It is mandatory that the completed sheets be submitted to the BAP chairman before points are to be awarded for any class.

Any questions you may have as to the interpretation of the rules or any suggestions as to their improvements should be submitted to the BAP Chairman in writing.

Spawns are subject to review by the BAP Committee and may be denied if deemed unacceptable. The committee has the right to refuse any spawn that may be questionable. Special rulings may be requested of the committee. Appeals from rulings may be referred to the Board of Directors and may be modified by a two-thirds majority.

All spawns are recorded and kept on file. The completed BAP forms will be available at all general meetings and may be referred to by any club member upon request.

If for some reason the 10 required fry are not obtained with the first spawn, add the second spawn to the first to make up 10 fry. Both spawns require verification. Sheets should not be submitted for points until the a total of 10 fry have been witnessed.

Certificates will be awarded stating the breeder’s name and fish spawned until the first level, “Breeder’s Award”, is achieved.

Only members of the BAP Committee may verify a spawn, with the exception of Class A.

If a participant of the program moves out of the area making it impossible for a member of the BAP Committee to witness fish, that member’s file will become inactive. If the member moves back to the area, they will be reinstated to the program at the previous level of achievement.


Level 1
Breeders Award: The aquarist must accumulate a total of 50 points, 20 from Class B and the remaining 30 from any class.

Level 2
Advanced Breeder: The aquarist must accumulate a total of 100 points, in addition to completing the Breeder requirements an additional 50 points must be earned (30 from Class C or D, the remaining from any class).

Level 3

Expert Breeder: The aquarist must accumulate a total of 200 points. Breeder’s Award, Advanced Breeder plus 30 points must be earned from Class C or D.

Level 4

Master Breeder: The aquarist must accumulate a total of 300 points. Expert Breeder requirements plus 30 points from any C or D not spawned for the Expert Breeder’s level.

Level 5

Grand Master: The aquarist must have completed the Master Status,
They must breed a total of 75 species (with the exception of snails), 2 of which are from the “Class D” list and 2 from the “Class E” list.
The breeder must spawn a total of 75 species (excluding snails) including 2 from “Class D” while at the same time fill all 16 classes in the “Species Award” category.


Chairman – Herschel Beeman

Species Award

This separate award is based on the number of species spawned from the “Specialty Classification List” and any club member may participate in this achievement level as well as the regular BAP program. Points will still be awarded as per regular BAP rules. Any individual’s verified spawns from the Breeder’s Award Program may be applied towards completing the requirements for this award. A separate plaque will be awarded for anyone completing a minimum of 11 of the 16 classes.