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CNYAS March 20, 2024 Monthly Meeting

Jason Den Haese

Lessons Learned Setting up my Fish Research and Conservation Lab at D’Youville University Including an Update on Spawning, Growth, and Survival of Fry from the Armored Catfish Family: Loricariidae.


I have a strong and diverse research background acquired from experience in industry, clinical, and academic settings. In industry, I served as the director of gene cloning and research at IMMCO Diagnostics Company where I used my training in molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, and biochemistry to produce 2 new products for diagnosing autoimmune disease in patients in just under 3 years. In a clinical research setting, I spent 13 years working at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center (RPCCC), focusing on cancer prevention and leukemia. At D’Youville University in 2020, I started my research program with fish from the armored catfish families of the Amazon River Basin of South America focusing on the breeding, growth, and survival of fry. To date in my fish research lab, I have spawned 27 different species of plecos spanning 7 different genera. My passion for this research is only rivaled by my passion for teaching and service to others. I strongly believe in giving back to those in need and am actively involved in volunteering at both D’Youville University and the greater community. When I am not at work, I spend time with my wife Charlene, and seven children.

Presentation Synopsis:

I will talk about the many lessons I learned from the creation of my fish research lab at D’Youville University from its inception in January 2020 until the present.  I will cover not only the many challenges I faced and overcame but also highlight some of my modest successes along the way. Throughout the presentation, I will share pictures of my fish lab, some of my L-number pleco groups and their fry as well as updates on my current research.