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Annual CNYAS Auction Rules


Obtain seller’s ID and paperwork by emailing cnyasannualauction@gmail.com.

List items consecutively on the form with no empty lines between items. The ID# on the form should correspond with the label ID# on the item.

Completed sheet(s) are to be taken to the registration table prior to the start of bidding. THERE IS A LIMIT OF 5 ON SIMILAR HARD GOODS (examples: heaters, filters, etc.) AND 5 BAGS PER SPECIE OF FISH OR PLANT, AT THE OPTION OF THE BOARD.

We use the “10 table” system so place your item on the table that corresponds with the last number of your item’s ID. For example, on Table 1 place items 1,11,21, etc.; on Table 2 place items 2,12,22 etc. After items on Table 2 have been auctioned, the remaining table numbers will be randomly selected and this will determine which table will be auctioned next. No items can be renumbered or moved. There is a $3 fee if you would like to “fast track” an item which will start after table 2 is completed. Items brought in late will be auctioned off later on in the afternoon. Once the auctioneer starts selling items from the last table number selected by lottery, checking out will be suspended. After the last item is sold, 15 minutes will be allowed for the computer operators to enter the remaining tags before checking out is resumed.

Equipment: Label each item and mark equipment that is not working properly or is not in its brand name box.

Livestock: Bag & label fish/plants in bags obtained from pet shops or from our meetings. Double bagging is recommended and food storage bags will NOT be accepted. Fish labeled as a pair must be a male and a female. $3 fee will be charged if any rebagging is necessary.

Payments: A check and a copy of your “Seller Sheet” will be mailed out within 5 business days. Members receive 75% of selling price; Non-members 70%.

*At the end of the auction sellers may apply what they have purchased towards what they have sold. If an individual buys more than he has sold, he will pay the difference at checkout. If he is due money, he will receive a check by mail.


Buyer registration is done the day of the auction; there are NO cash transactions on the floor. Fill out the Buyer Registration Form and receive your buyer number & ID sheet. Hold up the sheet for each item where you are the high bidder. Any buyer that wishes to leave the auction and return later on must turn in his sheet and number and pay for any items purchased. When returning, the buyer will need to re-register and obtain a new number. Checking Out & Payments: Go to the cashier’s table and obtain a computer print out of the items you purchased. The treasurer will accept checks from club members only, all others must pay in CASH.