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Central New York Aquarium Society

CNYAS is a non-profit educational organization with a goal of furthering the study of all forms of aquatic life. In order to achieve this, we promote the interest in, and encourage the breeding of, aquatic life. Through the exchange of ideas and distribution of information concerning the hobby, we will advance our members’ knowledge of the hobby, providing valuable information to those who seek it.

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Monthly Meetings

Location: DeWitt Community Room

Google Map-> 148 Sanders Creek Parkway, E. Syracuse, N.Y. 13057

Time: Sept - June from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Date: 3rd Wednesday of the month

Each monthly meeting consists of:

Monthly Mini Auction

We have an auction at every general meeting. This gives everyone a chance to buy supplies and fish. Everyone can bid on an item as many times as they want. The person who offers the highest price then pays the treasurer in order to receive the item. If you wish to sell at the auction, you will receive a check in the mail from the treasurer for 70% of the selling price if you are not a member and 75% of the selling price if you are a member.

The remaining 25-30% will be used to benefit the club. Wrap the fish securely and in bags with plenty of air. Mark all information about the item on the outside of the bag or clearly on a label. Any and all items associated with the aquarium hobby may be entered, including pumps, heaters, filters, plants, fish, live food, cultures, etc. All mechanical devices must be labeled if they have any defects. Donations are always welcome.

If you have an item that you do not wish to get money for, it will be stated by the auctioneer that it is a donation to the society and will be annotated in the records as a donation. Any items that didn’t sell and aren’t claimed by the end of the auction become property of the Central New York Aquarium Society.